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The alloy BRITANNIUM is a valuable metal of medieval origin, which once molten is handcrafted by expert artisans in order to create objects and accessories with an antique, unique and authentic appearance. 

The surface of the furnishing items produced by Giara Art Design, presents a natural antique aspect, which is silver in colour with light tone-on-tone shades and obtained without the assistance of paint and chemical finishes.

In more recent times, knowledge of Britannium has increased thanks to the fact that the famous Oscar statue is made of this material.



Giara Art Design creates coordinated fixtures and furniture, as well as superb examples of household items, using BRONZE, a precious metal used over the centuries for the creation of valuable objects and pieces of art.  

The bronze works, unmistakable in their beauty and in the fascinating golden reflections which they acquire over the years, are realised by hand-casting molten bronze, respecting a tradition with ancient origins.

Giara proposes a rich assortment of bronze accessories, in various finishes, for rendering any ambient unique: from natural to white, imperial green to antique, as well as rare white bronze, all of which are characterised by the strength, resistance to external agents and refined charm which the passing of time gives this ancient and captivating material.

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